Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: My child has an IEP. Do you work with children who have special needs?

    A: Absolutely!!! Tools In The Shed Tutoring was founded especially to work with those children who struggle academically, whether this stems from a learning disability or social or emotional disabilities, we customize our lessons to reach EVERY child regardless the level.


    Q: My child is so tired after school, making homework a battle everyday. How will you get my child to work for 30, 45, or 60 additional minutes?

    A: It is Tools In The Shed Tutoring's belief that school work DOES NOT need to be seen as a hardship. By presenting the lessons in ways that spark interest within your child, the homework battle is all but over. Tools In Shed Tutoring approaches each student keeping both the academic and the social/emotional in mind.


    Q: My son was just given an eight week, in-class, assignment. Can you work with him during that time?

    A: With advanced planning it is very likely that we will be able to work with your son during the school day. Of course we would need both you and the school to approve this before finalizing plans.


    Q: There is a huge disconnect between what the teacher says and what my child hears. How will you help my child make up the missing work and stay on top of future work?

    A: We believe that teachers and tutors work best when they are synchronized. With your permission we will reach out to your child's teacher(s) and have on-going conversations with them. We will work with your child to keep track of current, and future assignments, using multiple points of information.

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