Monthly Schedules

    A monthly calendar of sessions will be emailed by the 25th of the preceding month. The calendar of sessions must be accepted or altered by the 29th of the month it is sent out. If there is no email response by this date it is assumed that the monthly calendar is correct and all sessions are approved.

    Change of a Single Session

    Should a conflict come up please be in touch with me no later than two days before the scheduled session. There will be no charge for this missed session. All attempts will be made to reschedule within the same business week.

    Cancellation of a Single Session

    • Due To Illness: there will be no charge for a cancellation due to a sudden illness. Should this become a regular ocurrance this policy will be re-evaluated.
    • With Less Than 24 Hour Notice: the price of a full session will be charged unless we are able to reschedule within the same business week.
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