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    From A Kindergarten Parent

    Rachel helped my son learn to read! My kindergartener was on the cusp of reading but he had difficulty transitioning from letter sounds to forming words. He hated practicing and avoided it at all costs. We hired Rachel and she patiently worked with him regularly and soon he was reading nearly fluently. She also provided guidance for us as parents to help him on his reading journey. He loves reading now.

    From A 3rd Grade Parent

    My son always enjoys his time with Rachel – and the results are really paying off. We’re very happy with the support she’s providing

    From A 5th Grade Parent

    Our son, a reluctant reader and writer, has gained tools and confidence since working with Rachel. She is very flexible and positive when working with him. As a parent, Rachel is very responsive to my areas of concern and provides effective feedback so I can get a sense of how he is doing. We have really been impressed with the work Rachel has done with our son.

    From A 7th Grade Parent

    Rachel is nothing short of AMAZING. Our family has been so lucky to have Rachel in our lives for the last seven years. She has worked with all three of our children who have very different learning needs, personalities and work ethics. She is incredibly creative, patient, and dedicated. She met each of our children where they were and devised innovative ways to engage their interests, build their skills, and enhance their self-confidence. My children all see Rachel as a true partner in helping them reach their goals. Because she has built such strong relationships with them, they are not afraid to admit when something is too hard and ask for help. They also delight in her joyful cheerleading which is always in abundance. We are so thrilled to have Rachel on our team.

    From A 10th Grade Parent

    Rachel is an outstanding tutor - extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and makes my son feel totally at ease. She is a rock star!

    From A 10th Grade Parent

    Rachel's kind, patient, and steady guiding hand completely turned around our high school sophomore's mindset and work product, and eliminated the struggles with our child's writing skills. She instilled confidence, and devised a specific plan that positioned our child for success. Her approach is supportive, and teaches the child their success is in their hands, while at the same time giving the student specific tools how they will achieve this success. On a personal note, Rachel is wonderful with adolescents, and makes scheduling and use of technology a breeze. I recommend her to any student's family.

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