• Summer 2024 Offerings

    There are two terms over the summer months.
    Term 1: weeks of July 8th, 15th, & 22nd
    Term 2: weeks of July 29, August 12th, & August 19th
    **A 5% discount is applied when two offerings are purchased**
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    How To Write A Research Paper

    Term 1 & 2

    Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

    90 minutes/session



    This course will allow the student to progress from a query through a finished piece of writing which supports its claim.


    Topics we will cover:

    -How to write a consise thesis statement

    -How to create laser-focused research questions resulting in pertinent information

    -How to properly cite sources

    -How to organize gathered information into a well documented paper

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    How To Set Yourself Up For Success

    Term 2

    Tuesdays and Thursdays

    75 minutes/session



    It is one thing to think to yourself, "I am going to crush this" and an entirely different thing to actually "crush" it.


    Over the course of four weeks we will:

    -Identify and define two goals that will ensure a smooth and productive start to the school


    -Research the many accessories that help a student succeed

    -Explore various study techniques, try them on for size, and determine what "feels" most


    -With guidance, materials will be purchased to ensure a successful and organized school year


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    Note Taking 101

    Term 1

    Tuesdays and Thursdays

    60 minutes/session



    As school progresses so to does the speed with which information is disseminated.


    Over the course of four weeks we will:

    -Examine various note-taking techniques

    -Determine which method of note-taking will work for a specific subject

    -Learn how to pick out the key words to define at a later time, outside of class

    -Create a study guide as the information is presented